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oh to be broken

Have I mentioned how excited I am to visit New York? and Indiana for that matter. I love the boys you two introduce me too. They make me so happy. And provide such wonderful entertainment.
And at least I'm still in the lead on letters Jenny dear. Although only by one now. Hmm, I need to get to work on that. I keep adding letters that are already there. Should stop doing that.
I love your ideas MJ. I keep finding little things for our future apartment, and occasionally will pick one up. Coasters, candles etc... it's so dumb. I love being a girl. Hmm, we'll need at least a 5 disc changer in that room, so we don't have to move to change cd's. Maybe I could get my parents to let me have theirs. Have some essentials in there at all times. Enigma. Hmm, we should compile a list of cd's. We could even put together a mix of ultimate sex songs.
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