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Black velvet and satin

Damnit I need you girls out here!! We would have so much fun. I miss being able to drink as much as I want and not have ot worry about going home, and having attractive people lounging about my room at all hours of the night. Which reminds me, MJ, we need to have a room devoted souly to cute half-naked people, hopefully with massage oil and chocolate sauce. And ice. And wax. Oh, the possibilities. *evil grin* Damnit, I need a cold shower. or sex. or a hot shower with sex. See, if you were here you could give me good sex. but you're not. :( I'm going to go back to work now. Now that I'm all nostalgic for the farm and our room when we lived together. Must be good. Must be good. Not sure why, but I'm postive there's a reason.
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